Races of the Ascension Sectors.

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Races of the Ascension Sectors.

Post by Otacodex on Wed Jan 20, 2016 1:33 pm

The Aest, Vylue and the Vrimarc.

The Aest are one of the closest intergalactic cousins to humans, however, their civilization and overall development took place on another world. Appropriately, one million years ago, they were in their modern stages equivalent to Earths 21st Century. At the time, these human-like species had already made contact with their neighbors via radio and later real-time holographic projections. During this time, the Aest were known as Aestian by Vylue or Aestua by Vrimarc. The Aest are known for their intellect, architecture and standing on their own with their extremely hi-tech industry.

The Aest appear human, but their blood is blue and are slightly more radioactive than a human being. They are also known to be immune to the downside of high or low amounts radioactivity, capable of surviving on a radiated planet, but only with some protection from any extreme heat.  They also seem to have more a difference when it comes to life span as well as average heights between genders. Female life spans are extended much longer than the males, but they are rather short and have only been known to grow as high as five foot two inches. While the males grow up to be at least seven feet tall by the time they're an adult. While the Aest males live at most two hundred years, females will live at least one point five times longer, being around three hundred at most.

Following the Slipstream War of the Primes, several new areas of the galaxy were charted outside their Sector. Colonies were dispatched and small skirmishes spotted the stars. These colonies were abandoned or destroyed in the following century, returning to their mainlands or dying in the War. The Aest developed a mindset similar to the Japanese's honorific way of living, even adopted their School Girl Uniforms and Animation Styles, going as far as to recreate Tokyo inside of a Orbital Habitat. August of the year 1945, the Aest kidnapped four specimens from Nagasaki, the night before the bombs dropped. These four specimens would later become part of a splicing project, combining Aest and human DNA. In the end however, the Aest DNA dominated the Human DNA and simply made taller females. No other notable changes took place. Since then, there have been four reincarnations of the same project in the form of clones.

The Vylue are also very similar to humans, but they are more so very much like the Chiss from the Star Wars Fiction. Their skin is various shades of blue, their eyes are liquid or reflective red. It is very hard to see which direction they're actually looking in, and it can get frustrating. Though when they mix with a Aest or human, they tend to have more human properties and paler blue skin. Their hybrids are mainly known as the Aluest. These guys are the main military and political parties, as they had been the victors of the Slipstream War of the Primes, by simply talking down both sides and pacifying those who didn't want to listen.

Unlike the Aest, they don't seem to agree with any cultures outside of their own and tend to be Xenophobic. Due to the amount of control they have over the political and military influence in the Ascension Sectors, trade with outsiders is rare, though purges against Pirates and slavers are an everyday occurrence. The only organization outside their systems that they will talk to though, is the Alliance, despite initially disliking the humans as they were developing.

When it comes to their biology and life span, they aren't much different than humans. Though they have a life span of exactly eighty-five, a problem they haven't been able to overcome, except through transference of consciousness into a machine or clone body. This is very taboo in their culture, something that everyone would look down upon as it was cheating death and taking away the opportunity for another to rise in ones stead. They have a maximum height of six foot for both genders. Their thought process is very logical, while only strong spouts of rage can give chance to them acting irrational, but it is still every rare and eccentric.

The Vrimarc, a reptilian race, are a strange species who dwell within the Ascension Sectors. Their main occupations in the military would be police, spies and various other federal and government duties. They're rather shamanistic and can most of the time, be rather aloof. While they aren't always smiling, they are confident in ones ability and are naturally hyper-intelligent. Meanwhile, these guys have the most genocidal tendencies when it comes to attacking those who wished them ill. They would not hesitate in committing Genocide against a victor or defeated faction that had once threatened their life style. Of course, if they had any chance of winning.

Instead of small scales, the body's surface is covered in platting which makes it appear as armored skin. There are no spikes and it appears very smooth. It is energy resistant and allows the reptilian to use the chameleon effect, which is a very effective form of active camouflage. They are also cold blooded and usually do not appear on sensors due to the contents of their toxic blood and plated exterior. These guys live the longest compared to the other two races, having the highest life expectancy of two thousand years. They have various sub-races however, and always appear different depending on their parents.

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